What is Cobalt Strike?

Cobalt Strike is penetration testing software that executes targeted attacks and replicates advanced threats.

What does Cobalt Strike add to Armitage?

Cobalt Strike adds social engineering features to get a foothold, covert command and control with Beacon, browser pivoting, and reporting to Armitage's existing post-exploitation and team collaboration capabilities.

What are advanced threat tactics?

"Advanced Persistent Threat" activities make headlines regularly. These intrusions start with spear phishing and then move on to post-exploitation and lateral movement. Cobalt Strike executes these attacks.

What is threat replication?

Threat Replication is a penetration test that looks like an attack from a specific actor. These assessments test an analysis and response process as well as technical controls. Use Malleable C2 to look like an APT.

Where do I learn how to use Cobalt Strike?

Watch the Tradecraft series, review the documentation, or hire us for a hands-on workshop at your site.

How much does Cobalt Strike cost?

New Cobalt Strike licenses cost $3,500 per user for a one year license. License renewals cost $2,500 per user, per year. Request a quote or buy Cobalt Strike online.

Is a trial version of Cobalt Strike available?

Yes, a 21-day trial is available.

Who develops Cobalt Strike?

Raphael Mudge, the creator of Armitage and founder of Strategic Cyber LLC, develops Cobalt Strike.